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We offer quick & easy, competitive vehicle financing through NZ MOTORS LTD, where we work hard to make your vehicle buying experience as hassle free as possible. We can tailor a finance package that you are completely comfortable with, one that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

At NZ Motors we are committed to responsible lending, and whatever your current situation, we are here to work with you to ensure you make an informed decision. Helping you find the right vehicle finance package is our priority, ensuring it fits within your budget and our finance providers lending requirements. No matter whether you’re self-employed or working nine to five, we understand your circumstances and are here to help.

You will see finance repayments advertised with each of our vehicles. Whilst these are examples, they provide you with information such as to how the repayments are calculated, including interest rate, deposit, term and the total amount payable over the term. If you make your own selection as to term and deposit you will see this information updated.

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Nz Motors can provide you with:

A range of interest rates and finance terms

Repayments to suit your budget

Full disclosure around how repayments are calculated

Ability to use your trade as your deposit

Options if you don't have a deposit or trade. We can evaluate your circumstances and see if there is a solution for you

Applications that are quick and easy, apply online whenever you want

It is also important that we help protect you in the event the worst happens. A full range of Insurance Options are available for you to review and purchase to compliment your vehicle and loan, providing you with protection for the unexpected.

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